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'Healing the Healer'


Spontaneous Meditations
Sung-To-You by

New !
The Release of Volume One - Version 2
The Amhme CD
(Same meditation - Now with tracks!)

The story of Amhme (A-Mommy), an acronym for ‘A Mass Healing Meditation Experience’ began long ago. What I do is called ‘ENERGY SINGING’. I ‘sing energy into shape and form’ and was trained by the Creator. The venue I use is ‘A Mass Healing Meditation Experience’ or Amhme. A-sung-to-you spontaneous guided meditation. I energy sing blessings, openings, closings, and however else I may serve

The source of my ability is The Creator, Source of All, Sustainer of the Universe. I step out of the way of the force of the tremendous energy I channel directly from the Creator. This energy resonates my entire body and being. I sing the silent and heard sounds of the Universe. Amhme meditations are spontaneous and unrehearsed. Made to your special order.

This CD meditation was recorded in one take, start to finish. Version 2 now has tracks! I ask the Source Of All to reveal all that is needed by those who will ever hear and experience this cellular healing sound meditation.

‘Healing The Healer’

Amhme meditation's special gift is the quick and efficient ‘flushing’ by the warm AMBER HONEY LIGHT. For healers, thinkers, and seeker that means assistance in preventing professional and personal burnout. Take care of yourself. The world needs you. The work you do is so very important in retraining the world to choose Peace!

Suggested Uses

Weekly with headphones. While cleaning house. During massage. During bathing. While exercising. Be creative! Listen to individual tracks. (This is a trance meditation. Caution: Do not use while driving.)

Who am I?

A.Vogel (Joanie) is a highly respected Shamanic Spiritual Trainer, noted for her everyday, down-to-earth spiritual approach and her peaceful presence. She lives in the Pacific Northwest, is a recording artist, author and sound healing pioneer. Director of the ACADEMY OF LIGHT, an Intuitive Arts Mystery School.

A.Vogel is dedicated to spiritual training for everyday living, the soul’s progression and PEACE.




'A Spiritual Trainer Dedicated To Your Soul's Progression" - A.Vogel

To book LIVE Amhme Meditations contact A.Vogel (Joanie) directly
Call 360-653-6857
Email Joanie@Amhme.com


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Shamanic singing, rattling, drumming and a Tibetan Bell...Amhme!


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A. Vogel, Reverend





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