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Joanei Vogel
Reader ~ Healer ~ Teacher
A Cellular Healing Sound Meditation
'A Spiritual Trainer,
Dedicated to Your Soul's Progression'

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New !
The 2nd release of the
Amhme CD

I hold sacred space for one hour; for you to journey into the realm of all that was is and ever will be.
AMHMECellular Healing Sound Meditation with A. Vogel.

AMHME (A Mommy) is designed to facilitate quick, clean, graceful and efficient release of blocked and stagnant energies on the Physical, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual Levels - Simultaneously. AMHME is useful as an ADDITION to your current personal growth techniques. Great for healers, seekers and thinkers. Peace through Love and Joy.  A. Vogel is a ULC Healing Minister and past owner of the Crystal Point Gift Gallery.


By Appointment

Spiritual Counseling
Energy Singing Healings
Chakra Rotational Balancing (CRB)
Psychic Card Readings
Aura Drawings and Interpretations
Destiny Card and Karmic Love Reports



For more information contact Joanie
e-Mail: joanie@amhme.com
Phone:  360.653.6857

A. Vogel, Reverend


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